The following sessions are prerecorded. The times for the live text-based Q and A with presenters will be listed in the TESOL 2022 Convention Program and in the online itinerary planner. 

Future-Proof Competencies: The Soft Skills Students Need for Employment

Based on what current research indicates as being instrumental for young people seeking to achieve success in their professional and personal lives, this session focuses on how students can be enabled to develop the new competencies that are increasingly recognised as vital by employers and societies around the world.

Daniel Xerri, University of Malta, Msida, Malta

Moving Beyond Inclusion: Bearing Witness to the Forced Migration Experience

From pre- to postresettlement, survivors of forced displacement of all ages endure overlapping and often preventable experiences of exclusion and trauma. Drawing on three decades of research and outreach, this session discusses ways allyship and inclusion impose nuances of otherness and inherent power dynamics, and methods to realign inclusion.

Stacy Brown, Refugees Forward, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Dogme ELT Comes of Age

It's 21 years since Dogme ELT was launched (by analogy with the film movement of the same name) as a corrective against an overreliance on material resources in L2 teaching. So, how has it fared, and what has happened since then that might lend support to such an approach?

Scott Thornbury, Independent, Barcelona, Spain