The following sessions are prerecorded. The times for the live text-based Q and A with presenters will be listed in the TESOL 2022 Convention Program and in the online itinerary planner. 

Affiliate Colloquium

Change and New Paradigms for Affiliate Organizations

As we move into a postpandemic environment, affiliate organizations look to opportunities for rebuilding and growth, resilience and transformation. Affiliates are looking to explore new paradigms that are equitable, flexible, accessible, and sustainable for members both locally and internationally.


Bessie Karras-Lazaris, Affiliate Network Professional Council (ANPC) Chair
James Papple, ANPC Past Chair


Tracy Piada, ETAI (Israel)
Mohsin Tejani, SPELT (Pakistan)
Samir Omara Nile TESOL (Egypt)

Best of Affiliates

English as a Lingua Franca in Multilingual Classrooms: Meeting the Challenges

English as a lingua franca emergence in ELT challenges traditional approaches in language education; it demands for renewed awareness of language and materials development, while enhancing authenticity, ICT, and mediation use in multilingual classrooms. Research-based activities implemented by teachers in their classrooms are presented and discussed with participants.

Affiliate: TESOL Italy

Lucilla Lopriore, TESOL Italy, Rome, Italy

Alessandra Cannelli, TESOL Italy, Rome, Italy

Silvia Sperti, TESOL Italy, Rome, Italy

Countering Anti-Black Racism in Language Education: Reflection, Action, and Accountability

As a TESOL affiliate, NJTESOL\NJBE has a responsibility to reflect on its ideas and beliefs regarding anti-Black racism. The organization is modeling a process of change that begins with its members and moves toward actions impacting its schools, communities, and institutions. Learn more about this self-reflective work and the resulting podcast.


Tasha Austin, NJTESOL\NJBE, New Brunswick, NJ, United States

Jessica Hunsdon, NJTESOL\NJBE, Highland Park, NJ, United States

Madjiguene Fall, NJTESOL\NJBE, Union, NJ, United States

Culture and ELT: To Combine or Not to Combine?

This presentation discusses the interrelationships between foreign language teaching and teaching culture through cultural codes and analyzes the results of two small-scale studies conducted with two groups of English language teachers at a higher education institution, related to this problem and spaced 10 years apart.

Affiliate: ETAG Georgia

Manana Rusieshvili, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia 

Universal Design for Learning in the EAP and TESOL Classroom

The universal design for learning (UDL) framework guides the development of curriculum that is effective and inclusive for all learners. This presentation gives an overview of UDL principles, examples of UDL applied in EAP and online TESOL classes, and tips for how to implement UDL in any teaching context.

Affiliate: TESL Nova Scotia

Sharon Churchill, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, Canada

Chris Klatecki, Acadia University, Port Williams, NS, Canada

Quizizz and Google Classroom Engagement: What Learning Analytics Tell You

This session demonstrates learning analytics data to understand student engagement via Quizizz and Google Classroom. Presenters demonstrate visual data when three classes at a distance collaborated using Quizizz. Three instructors share the results of their findings and discuss the ways of how to apply them in practice.

Affiliate: Yakut TESOL

Larisa Olesova, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, United States

Zarmena Emelyanova, North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk, Russian Federation

Natalya Alexeeva, North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk, Russian Federation  

Respectful Interactions in ELT: An Organization's Guidelines for Discussion

This session represents a TESOL affiliate organization's process of drafting respectful interactions guidelines for the all association's events. The presentation shares the process from rationale to drafting, membership input to revision, and unanimous ratification to implementation for peer organizations to consider adopting for themselves.

Affiliate: BC TEAL

Jennifer Walsh Marr, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada