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Forum for Graduate Students at the TESOL Convention

The TESOL 2023 Graduate Student Forum allows emerging English language professionals to share their research results, teaching experiences, and to network with other graduate students and faculty members.

TESOL offers two graduate student conferences the day before the annual TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo: the Master's Student Forum and the Doctoral Research Forum. These forums enable students to

  • Share their research results, teaching ideas and experiences, and teaching materials.
  • Meet and network with graduate students and faculty from other universities.
  • Participate in the TESOL convention without having to compete with experienced professionals for time on the convention program.
  • Gain experience organizing a conference, adjudicating proposals, and other professional activities.

Submit Proposals to Present at the TESOL 2023 Graduate Student Forum

Submit your proposal for the chance to share your research results at the TESOL 2023 Graduate Student Research Forum in Portland, Oregon, USA, 21 March 2023! Gain valuable experience, network with graduate students and faculty from other universities, and participate in the TESOL 2023 convention!

Important Notes: You must be presently enrolled as a Master's student to present at the Master's Student Forum or have graduated within the last 6 months. If you are a Doctoral student, you must submit to the Doctoral Research Forum. Applicants may submit more one than proposal so long as the topics are completely different. Master's students submitting a proposal may not be a reviewer. You must choose whether to be a reviewer or a proposal submitter as it is considered a conflict of interest. 

Submit Proposal Now

Proposals must be submitted online by Friday, 30 September 2022 11:59 pm U.S. ET.
Proposals will not be accepted after this deadline.

Submission Guidelines

Proposal submitters will be notified of their proposal status in December.

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