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TESOL Web Linking Policy for Outside Entities

You may:

  • Create links to any page on the TESOL Web site without receiving prior permission
  • Use up to 50 words of descriptive information about TESOL from its Web site, for example
    • TESOL’s mission is to develop and maintain professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages worldwide.
    • TESOL is a global association and serves 12,000 members from 150 countries.
    • TESOL’s membership includes teachers, administrators, researchers, teachers-in-training, materials writers, and curriculum developers.
    • TESOL has approximately 100 autonomous affiliates worldwide.
    • TESOL publishes TESOL Quarterly, a scholarly peer-reviewed research journal.
    • TESOL publishes TESOL Journal, a refereed, practitioner-oriented electronic journal based on current theory and research in the field of TESOL.

 You may not:

  • Use the name Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL), or any variation thereof, in a false or inappropriate way.
  • Place a TESOL Web page within a page on your Web site.
  • Transport viewers to any other location outside TESOL’s Web site using TESOL’s name, or any variation thereof. 
  • Import or capture any logo, image, or other material from TESOL’s Web site for use on your Web site or any other electronic format. 
  • Reproduce TESOL’s logo on your Web site.  
  • Download content or files to your server from TESOL’s Web site without prior written permission from TESOL.

Creation of a link to TESOL's Web site does not imply that TESOL endorses or supports the organization, company, product, or service.  If TESOL perceives a Web link with your organization to not be in TESOL’s best interests, TESOL reserves the right to request that the link(s) be removed.  You agree to remove the link upon reasonable request of TESOL. TESOL has no obligation to link to your Web site or to provide any reciprocal service.

Questions?  Contact TESOL Permissions at