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TESOLers for Social Responsibility Newsletter


TESOLers for Social Responsibility is the official newsletter of the TESOL Social Responsibility Interest Section (SRIS). The purpose of the newsletter is to inform, inspire, and invite:
  • The newsletter informs SRIS members about issues, developments, and activities that are related to the who, what, how, and why of incorporating a global issues into the work of TESOL and related professions.
  • The newsletter inspires current and prospective SRIS members by providing stories of the successes and struggles of SRIS members, students, and colleagues.
  • The newsletter invites SRIS members to share information, insights, and experiences related to TSR issues.


TESOLers for Social Responsibility's primary audience is SRIS members who come from various geographic and institutional contexts. They are teachers, researchers, and administrators as well as graduate students at various stages of professional development. SRIS members are actively engaged in integrating language teaching with social responsibility, world citizenship, and an awareness of global issues such as peace, human rights, and the environment.

The audience also includes TESOL members who wish to gain insights into SRIS and its activities. Furthermore, the TSR Newsletter helps to keep TESOL staff and leadership informed about the SRIS's activities.


TESOLers for Social Responsibility contributes to TESOL's mission by
  • promoting a better understanding of the role of global issues as an aspect of the learning and teaching of English by speakers of other languages
  • prompting the discussion of TSR issues among all TESOL members
  • providing resources to TSR Caucus members as well as TESOL members in general

Submission Guidelines

The newsletter has four sections:
  1. Leadership Updates: Letters to the SRIS membership from IS officers.
  2. Articles: Papers, essays, editorials, and reviews from SRIS members written for a general audience. 
  3. SR Encore: Resources and submissions from related TESOL forums.
  4. About This Community: Information for and about SRIS members to encourage prospective members to join.
If you would you like to submit to TESOLers for Social Responsibility, please read the submission guidelines.

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