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As We Speak Newsletter


The goal of As We Speak is to provide articles that promote the exchange of information and ideas on instructional techniques, research findings, publications, and other areas related to speech, pronunciation, and listening. The newsletter also serves as an informational forum for our membership about the ongoing business of the interest section, including IS-related election issues, and upcoming TESOL and affiliate conference news.


As We Speak is written for a dynamic group of language educators who recognize the importance of spoken communication as a primary purpose of language use. These educators work in a wide range of ESL and EFL contexts.


  • As We Speak provides information about SPLIS-related issues and projects.
  • It provides a forum for teachers to share successful classroom techniques and to voice their opinions on topics related to speech, listening, and pronunciation.
  • It publishes scholarly articles about the fields of speech, listening, and pronunciation, with the awareness that the readership is diverse and has specialized pedagogical needs. These articles may or may not be suitable for publication elsewhere.
  • It provides information about the annual TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, as well as information about regional conferences, meetings, and workshops.
  • Its content, like other TESOL publications, is immediately accessible and practical. It publishes scholarly and informational articles written in a professional style that all ESL and EFL educators can understand.

Submissions Guidelines

Interested in submitting an article to As We Speak? Please read the submission guidelines.

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