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Special-Topic Issues of TESOL Quarterly

Calls for Abstracts and Proposals

The TESOL Quarterly Editorial Board seeks proposals each year from prospective guest editors for the September special topic issues. Proposals are chosen by the Editorial Advisory Board, and the guest editor(s) are responsible for overseeing the manuscript review process and selecting the content of the issue.  

Past Issues

Access Special Topic Issues online (2006–present).

Equity for Students Learning English in Dual Language Bilingual Education, Lisa M. Dorner Claudia G. Cervantes‐Soon, Editors
2018: At the Cross-roads of TESOL and English Medium Instruction, Diane Pecorari and Hans Malmström, Editors
2017: Complementary Perspectives on Task-Based Classroom Realities, Daniel O. Jackson and Alfred Rue Burch, Editors
2016: Language Teacher Identity in (Multi)lingual Educational Contexts, Manka M. Varghese, Suhanthie Motha, Gloria Park, Jenelle Reeves, and John Trent, Editors
2015Multimodality in TESOL, Margaret Early, Maureen Kendrick, and Diane Potts, Editors
2014: K-12 Standards-Based Educational Reform: Implications for Immigrant and Indigenous English Language Learner Populations, Amanda Kibler, Guadalupe Valdés, and Aída Walqui, Editors
2013: Plurilingualism in TESOL, Shelley K. Taylor and Kristin Snoddon, Editors 
2012: Novice Professionals in TESOL, Thomas S. C. Farrell, Editor
2011: Narrative Research in TESOL, Gary Barkhuizen, Editor
2010: Migration and Adult Language Learning, Anne Burns and Celia Roberts, Editors
2009: Teacher-Based Assessment, Chris Davison and Constant Leung, Editors
2008: Psycholinguistics and TESOL, John Field, Editor
2007: Language Policies and TESOL: Perspectives From Practice, Vaidehi Ramanathan and Brian Morgan, Editors
2006: Race and TESOL, Ryuko Kubota and Angel Lin, Editors
2005: Reconceptualizing Pronunciation in TESOL: Intelligibility, Identity, and World Englishes, John M. Levis, Editor
2004: Gender in English Language Teaching, Kathryn A. Davis and Ellen Skilton-Sylvester, Editors
2003: Corpus Linguistics in TESOL, Susan Conrad, Editor
2002: Language in Development, Numa Markee, Editor
2000: TESOL in the 21st Century, Carol Chapelle, Editor
1999: Critical Pedagogy, Alastair Pennycook, Editor
1998: Research and Practice in English Language Teacher Education, Donald Freeman and Karen Johnson, Editors
1997: Language and Identity, Bonnie Norton, Editor
1996: Language Planning and Policy, Nancy H. Hornberger and Thomas K. Ricento, Editors
1995: Qualitative Research in ESOL, Kathryn A. Davis and Anne Lazaraton, Editors
1994: K-12, Christian Faltis and Sarah Hudelson, Editors
1993: Adult Literacies, Gail Weinstein, Editor

Ordering Information

Most TESOL Quarterly special topic issues are available. For information, please visit the Wiley website.