Workshop for Novice Researchers: Connecting Teaching and Research 


Tuesday, 22 March 2022, 3:00–5:00 pm US ET


This two-hour workshop, organized by the TESOL Research Professional Council (RPC), supports teachers, practitioners, and scholars aspiring to engage in research. Participants connect to the TESOL Research Agenda and explore how research informs theory and classroom-based practice. The session includes opportunities for participants to pose questions and consider challenges in small group discussions with RPC members.

Participants will 

  • learn about forms and tools of research;
  • consider how research can inform teaching;
  • craft individual research questions;  
  • draft a research design;
  • network with colleagues and receive support from members of the RPC as they pursue their research.

If possible, please bring a laptop to the workshop.


TESOL Research Professional Council (RPC)

Past Chair Scott Douglas
Chair Jessie H. Curtis
Incoming Chair Özgehan Uştuk 
RPC Member Antonella Valeo

Guest Speaker  

Donald Freeman (via video)
Professor, School of Education, University of Michigan
Books by Professor Freeman include Doing Teacher-Research: From Inquiry to Understanding and Teacher Learning in Language Teaching (co-edited with Jack C. Richards). He currently leads Research in Teacher Education at the University of Michigan.

What’s the ‘problem’? Poincaré’s maxim and putting together a research plan

In this talk we work through how you settle on what you’re studying—your focus. On one level, the process is often described as defining (a) research question(s), but it actually entails much more than that. Some of it involves consciously making decisions about who (sample), where (site), what (data), and how (collection and analysis), but other aspects are taken for granted. Using Poincaré’s maxim (stay tuned for a definition…) as a frame, we will think through how your focus and how you study it (the means of study) coalesce to make a problem to study.

RPC Speakers and Facilitators

Jessie H. Curtis, Rutgers-New Brunswick, USA
Action Research:  What Counts as Data?

Özgehan Uştuk, Balikesir University, Turkey
Using Software to Analyze Research Data


 advance: 1 MarchOn-site: after 1 march
Registration Fee$45$45

You do not have to register for the full TESOL convention to attend this workshop, but you do have to register for this event through the convention registration form.


If you have questions about the workshop, please contact TESOL Professional Learning.