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A Message From the Chair

Misty Adoniou, Chair, Affiliate Leadership Council,

Dear Affiliate colleagues,

Already it is July, and here in the southern hemisphere (I am in Australia) we have moved into winter while other parts of the world head into summer. Welcome to this edition of the Affiliate News. I offer my thanks to Dorothy Forbin, Member A of the Affiliate Leadership Council (ALC), who has worked hard to put this newsletter together.

I had the opportunity to meet many hard-working affiliate members at the 2010 convention in Boston, which already seems very long ago!

Since Boston your ALC has been working hard, critically reviewing the affiliate events at Boston and preparing for New Orleans. I'll provide an account of this process shortly but, of course, TESOL is more than the annual convention and one of the services for affiliates we have been developing is a space on the professional and social networking site Ning. Have you joined yet? It's a great way to stay informed about TESOL events and services and to stay connected with your fellow affiliates. There are discussion forums and an events calendar as well as the facility to start your own group within the site. If you are not a member of the site, e-mail me:

Each year at the convention, the ALC, with the guidance and support of Valerie Borchelt from Central Office, organizes or coordinates the Affiliate Leaders' Workshop, the Affiliate Booth, the Affiliate Colloquium, the Affiliate Editors' Workshop, the Best of Affiliate sessions, the Leaders' Orientation session, and the Affiliate General Assembly. It's a busy time for us!

After a careful evaluation of events in Boston, we have decided to combine the Leaders' Orientation with the Affiliate Leaders' Workshop to consolidate the information presented in those sessions and reduce the demands we make on your own convention scheduling. So do make sure you timetable your attendance at the convention next year to be at the Leaders' Workshop on the Wednesday before the convention proper begins.

We are now planning to move the Affiliate Booth close to the TESOL Booth, which will give it a much stronger profile and presence at the convention. We want the booth to showcase the global nature of TESOL so we are asking you to contribute your ideas on how to make the Affiliate Booth an impressive showcase for our international TESOL credentials.

We have developed new protocols for the ALC's Colloquium to help speakers prepare for the event and ensure all are aware of the nature and purpose of this important event, which allows us to bring affiliate perspectives and expertise to the whole TESOL community. You'll find a call for expressions of interest for next year's colloquium in this newsletter.

The Boston workshops and assembly received positive evaluations and we will work to include the useful suggestions for their content into our plans for New Orleans.

Other reports in the newsletter detail the ways you can be a part of New Orleans. We look forward to seeing many of you there, but if you can't be there, be sure to be a part of our virtual community on Ning all year round.

Toward the end of August I called for nominations to join the ALC, as our hardworking Past Chair Don Weasenforth will rotate off the council after New Orleans and we will welcome a new Member A to the council.

Thank you to all who submitted nominations.

'Til next we meet, all the very best!