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Affiliate News: February 2010

Affiliate News (February 2009) Conference Reports & Articles: News from HAAL (Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics)

by User Not Found | 11/11/2011

News from HAAL (Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics)

Icy Lee, PhD, Acting President, Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics

The 2nd HAAL Research Forum was held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on June11, 2007, drawing over 150 attendees from the region. Prof. John Flowerdew of the City University of Hong Kong gave the keynote speech, drawing from an ongoing research project on writing for scholarly publication in English in Hong Kong and China and providing, in particular, a look into the issue of plagiarism by novice scholarly writers. Thirty-six presentations in parallel sessions, featuring presenters from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan, reported research studies conducted at the tertiary, secondary, and primary levels in the region, covering a wide range of topics from pedagogy, assessment, and curriculum innovation to discourse studies. The one-day forum ended with a panel discussion on the theme of “China as an ELT Powerhouse,” with Yafu Gong, An’e He, and Yongyan Li as the discussants. All spotlighting on mainland China, they respectively profiled its lucrative ELT publishing industry, examined its bilingual instruction through literature review, and captured Chinese TESOLers’ voices "in and from the periphery.”

The attendees loved this forum, for they shared their work, updated friendships, and enhanced a sense of a community in which they give mutual support and work for common goals.

Established in 1984, HAAL became the 99th affiliate of TESOL in September 2006. At the time of the Research Forum, HAAL had 126 members (the highest membership in its history) and additional regular attendees at its seminars and other activities. As George Braine (president of HAAL, 2005-2007) observed in his welcome message to the participants of the Research Forum, “HAAL continues to thrive at a time of transition for applied linguists and English language teaching in Hong Kong.” The transition is marked by a growing visibility of local professionals, close collaboration between local and expatriate practitioners and researchers, and earnest participation of an expanding team of research students (including many from Mainland China). Hong Kong is a fertile land for the prosperity of veteran applied linguists and the growth of novices. The 2nd HAAL Research Forum testified to this and urged every one of us to look to the future. We find it stimulating that there is so much we can do.