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Affiliate News: February 2010

Affiliate News (October 2009): Chair's Welcome

by User Not Found | 11/10/2011

Chair's Welcome

Don Weasenforth, Chair, TESOL Affiliate Leadership Council

On behalf of the Affiliate Leadership Council (ALC) I would like to extend a warm greeting to all affiliate leaders. The ALC is proud to announce that more than 100 affiliates are associated with TESOL; the Azerbaijan English Teachers’ Association is our newest affiliate. Fifty-seven affiliates were represented at our Affiliate Assembly at TESOL 2009, and others participated in the Affiliate Leadership Luncheon, Affiliate Workshop, Affiliate Colloquium, and Affiliate Booth. We were especially pleased to welcome new members and to recognize existing members who won travel grants and various awards.

For those of you who are new affiliate leaders, the ALC was created four years ago to serve as a liaison between affiliates and the TESOL Board of Directors. Our duties include organizing the Affiliate Assembly, Affiliate Workshop, Affiliate Colloquium, Affiliate Editors’ Workshop, and Affiliate Booth at the annual TESOL convention. These activities create a forum for networking and exchanging ideas. Some of the articles and photos in this newsletter will give you a better idea of what we did this year and hopefully generate ideas for next year. To learn more about the ALC and its members, check out our Web page.

The ALC would like to thank Denise Murray, the plenary speaker at our Affiliate Workshop, for an enriching talk on “TESOL and Affiliates: An Ecological Approach to the Relationship.” Special thanks are also due to Ruby Costea, Karen Harris, Robyn Dowling-Grant, and Dorothy Forbin for agreeing to facilitate the focus groups during the workshop.

At the affiliate meetings this year we asked you all to consider running for the ALC. Please check the Call for Nominations in this newsletter for more details. Note that the deadline for nominations is November 2.

Thanks to all 44 affiliate leaders who responded to our survey of affiliate concerns. We will be addressing these concerns over the next year. A particularly useful and exciting new means of communication now accessible to affiliate leaders is the Ning site, thanks to the design work of Misty and Karen. Please check this site regularly, help address the concerns of other affiliate leaders, and receive answers to your own questions!

Thanks to all of you for making TESOL 2009 a success. We are very excited about working with you as we plan for TESOL 2010 in Boston.