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Affiliate News: February 2010

Affiliate News (February 2010): TESOL Affiliate News Article Submission Guidelines

by User Not Found | 11/10/2011
TESOL Affiliate News Article Submission Guidelines

Dorothy Forbin, Member A,

Dear Affiliate Leader,

This is a personal call for articles and news for the spring edition of Affiliate News. As Member A of the Affiliate Leadership Council, I serve as the Affiliate News editor. The Affiliate News provides a great opportunity to share best practices and to network with the other affiliates of TESOL. I look forward to and do count on your being a part of this edition.

Please note that the deadline for your contributions is December 30, 2010.

Below are the requirements for formatting your article and related attachments (e.g., photos, web links).

Please provide the following:

  • Title of Article
  • Name of Author(s)
  • Affiliate Title of Author(s) (e.g., President, Newsletter Editor)
  • E-mail address(es) of Author(s)
  • URL for Affiliate Web site (if affiliate has Web site)

Submit articles via MS Word attachment (.doc) with images sent as separate attachments (see below). Indicate within the text the location of photos or other images, web links, or PDF links (e.g., Insert Photo 1: Conference Speaker). Label with same title that file is named. Include full link to Web sites or pdfs (http://www. . . .). Send photos and images as separate files (.jpeg) or (.gif) with the Word document.

If you are sending an article that was previously published in your affiliate newsletter, please include the reference (e.g., web link or edition reference). If author is different than the individual submitting, please note that "permission was received by original author to reproduce as part of the Affiliate News."

Submit article and attachments to Dorothy Forbin at