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Preparing Nonnative Speakers of English for Academic Writing Across the Curriculum (M-5)


In this workshop we explore purpose, audience, tone, and voice as they relate to academic writing demands, and we engage in a variety of activities designed to model lessons suitable for your college-bound students who are nonnative speakers of English. 

Who Should Attend?

ESOL instructors who teach nonnative speakers of English with a high level of oral fluency and a need to prepare for academic writing in postsecondary education

What Will I Learn?

In this workshop, participants 
  • review purpose, audience, tone, and voice as they relate to academic writing
  • review steps in the writing process, including prewriting, composing, revising, and editing
  • engage in writing activities that reflect each step described above
  • explore common types of writing demands students will encounter in college, including expository essays, summaries, critiques, essay exams, narratives, and literary analysis
  • review and assess the relative importance (or nonimportance) of common second language errors in academic writing

About the Workshop Leader

Lenore Balliro has worked with adult ESOL programs for more than 25 years, most recently at World Education in Boston, where she edited a practitioner-based journal and coordinated a statewide writing initiative. Ms. Balliro has a master’s in English with a focus on composition theory. She has been published in TESOL Quarterly and has presented at many TESOL conferences.