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Integrating Literacy Learners in the Multilevel ESOL Classroom (C-5)


Low-level literacy learners and students with interrupted education bring distinct learning skills and needs to your classroom. How can you support them and still engage and challenge your other students? This workshop introduces a variety of hands-on techniques, strategies, and tools to help you adapt your curriculum to the varying needs, skills, and levels of your students. 

Note: This workshop focuses on integrating students with emerging literacy skills (grade level K–1), not preliterate or nonliterate learners.

Who Should Attend?

Adult education ESOL teachers

What Will I Learn?

In this workshop, participants will
  • characterize and categorize the skills, needs, and experiences of all their students
  • identify the distinct benefits and challenges of learning as a whole class, in mixed-level groups, in same-level groups, and independently
  • learn techniques to support whole-class learning and communication
  • explore ways to differentiate instruction for break-out groups without creating a completely different curricula
  • develop an array of independent learning routines that students can use at their own pace

About the Workshop Leader

Sarah Lynn has decades of experience teaching adult ESOL. She currently teaches at Harvard University’s Bridge Program. As a teacher trainer, Sarah has led workshops on reading and literacy, learner persistence, 21st-century skills, self-directed learning, and teaching a multilevel class. Ms. Lynn is a contributing author to several classroom texts including Future: English for Results and Project Success.