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Collaborating for English Learners' Academic Success (M-1)


How can K–12 ESL teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to support English learners' access to the knowledge and skills necessary for grade-level academic achievement? How can ESL specialists and content-area teachers--regardless of ESL program model—work together toward this goal?

Who Should Attend?

K–12 ESOL professionals

What Will I Learn?

In this workshop, participants
  • review key principles for effective ESL instruction 
  • practice unpacking the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) knowledge and skills into student-friendly content and language learning targets 
  • organize formative assessment tasks as evidence of standard attainment and for learning 
  • plan multiple paths for long-term and newcomer English learners' access using scaffolding and differentiation tools 
  • learn how to use a workshop model with clear roles and responsibilities for collaboration, coaching, and co-teaching 

About the Workshop Leader

Virginia Rojas conducts professional training on effective programs and strategies for English learners from preschool through Grade 12 for ESL and classroom teachers. As an ASCD faculty member, she uses the backwards design curriculum model to help teachers design high-challenge, high-support learning experiences for strengthening English learners' second language proficiency and academic achievement. She provides professional development training, job-embedded coaching, and demonstration lessons and conducts linguistic audits of English as an additional language (EAL) programs. 

Dr. Rojas is the author of Strategies for Success with English Language Learners: An Action Toolkit for Classroom and ESL Teachers (ASCD, 2007) and Educating English Language Learners: Connecting Language, Literacy, and Culture (ASCD DVD Series, 2010).  Currently, Dr. Rojas is working with International School Services as a member of the World Language Initiative, focusing on the development of exemplary ESL catalyst sites.