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Submit a Member Resolution

Before You Write a Resolution

Before you write a resolution, please ask yourself the following questions:

Does my resolution comport with TESOL International Association’s mission, values, bylaws, and strategic objectives?

If you are not sure, please visit the TESOL website or contact the associate executive director.

Could some association entity other than the board of directors take the proposed action?

Professional councils, governance committees, and other entities have the authority to take action and operate within the confines of established policy. If your resolution refers to some aspect of existing TESOL policy that can be dealt with by one of these other entities, you do not need to write a resolution. Instead, please contact the associate executive director.

Does my resolution restate or follow up an existing resolution?

If so, what actions has the association already taken? Is further action possible, practical, and desirable? Keep this information handy. You’ll need it when you write the rationale for your resolution.

Writing Your Resolution

A resolution has three parts, with an optional fourth. Before you begin, please download the sample resolution.


The title should clearly state what the resolution is about.:


The abstract is a concise 100-word summary of the resolution.

Resolved Statement(s)

A resolution must have one or more resolved statements. The statement should clearly identify who does what to whom (or what) and when. It should also be able to stand alone without reference to information not contained in the resolution.


The rationale should present the logical case for the resolution, as well as some consideration of how it might be accomplished and at what cost. For more information and help determining cost, please contact the associate executive director.

Background Information

If necessary, you may provide background information to support the need for the resolution. Such information might include research results, journal articles, copies of legislation, and other supporting documents.

Submit Your Resolution

To submit your resolution, please click the button below. After you provide your contact information, you will be invited to upload your resolution, so please write it in a Word document or a PDF. If you have any questions, please contact the TESOL associate executive director.

Submit My Resolution