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TESOL Member Resolution on Health Benefits for Part-Time Instructors in the United States (1994)

Whereas many ESOL and bilingual education teachers work part time, often at more than one institution; and

Whereas teachers are often compensated on the basis of contact hours only, and no account is taken of the time they spend preparing for their courses or of other related responsibilites, and

Whereas most part-time instructors are unable to obtain health insurance coverage from their institutions,

Therefor Be It Resolved that TESOL urge the United States Congress and state legislatures to:

1. Include in any health reform legislation, employer-provided health insurance benefits for all part-time teachers;

2. Allow teachers employed in more than one institution to combine their pro rata benefits into one health insurance package; and

3. Require employers to calculate part-time teacher's workloads, for purposes of benefits eligibility, on a percentage of full-time faculty workload rather than on simple contact hours in the classroom; and

Be It Further Resolved that TESOL ask its United States members to urge their federal and state legislators to support legislation that will provide these benefits.

1994 TESOL Convention
Baltimore, Maryland USA

Note: This member resolution was voted upon during the annual business meeting of the association in 1994. Resolutions passed at the annual business meetings of the membership are not official policy of the association. The resolutions need a vote of approval by the Board of Directors.

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