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TESOL Member Resolution on ESOL Certification, Validation, and Licensure in Public Education (1991)

Whereas a major mission of TESOL is to strengthen instruction in the teaching of English to speakers of other languages on all educational levels, and

Whereas quality instruction necessitates quality teacher preparation and adequate certification and/or licensing standards;

Be It Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of TESOL that TESOL advocate high quality teacher preparation programs and certification standards by:

1. recommending that the affiliates work with their government agencies to approve certification procedures/programs which reflect the differences in instruction of the English language and content areas for native speakers and for nonnative speakers of English;

2. assisting affiliates in promoting certification of teachers of ESOL in areas where there is not yet a licensing, validation, or certification procedure;

3. continuing to provide support to affiliates in which certification or licensure is already established in order to maintain the highest professional standards;

4. cooperating with affiliates to inform appropriate government agencies of the TESOL statement of Core Standards and the TSEOL Self-Study Procedures on all educational levels at which English is taught to nonnative speakers of the language;

5. recognizing cognitive and affective differences in the modes of language teaching and learning at all educational levels, and recommending that teacher preparation programs be designed to reflect these differences; and

6. establishing liaisons with other related organizations to identify and vigorously advocate appropriate certification standards in the preparation of language teachers.

1991 TESOL Convention
New York, New York USA

Note: This member resolution was voted upon during the annual business meeting of the association in 1991. Resolutions passed at the annual business meetings of the membership are not official policy of the association. The resolutions need a vote of approval by the Board of Directors.

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