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TESOL Member Resolution on English Entrance Exams at Schools and Universities (2000)

Whereas assessment practices play an important role in access to educational and employment opportunities; and

Whereas when such exams are not controlled for validity and reliability and are used as the sole criteria for entrance into educational programs, they may not accurately reflect students English language abilities; and

Whereas professional responsibility requires attention to these issues;

Therefore Be it Resolved that the membership of TESOL recommend that the Board of Directors address the issues of valid and reliable testing and the use of multiple forms of evaluation for purposes of entrance to schools and universities by:

1. Requesting that writers of entrance exams make available to examinees and independent researchers evidence that measures are being taken to evaluate and improve the reliability and validity of their exams;

2. Lobbying for more than one form of entrance evaluation (e.g., tests, interviews, essays, recommendations, projects, school transcripts) that can be developed and used when possible;

3. Educating TESOL members regarding these issues through print and electronic media;

4. Facilitating discussion of this issue through various means, such as panels and forums.

2000 TESOL Convention
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Note: This member resolution was voted upon during the annual business meeting of the association in 2000. Resolutions passed at the annual business meetings of the membership are not official policy of the association. The resolutions need a vote of approval by the Board of Directors.

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