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Resources on Immigration and Refugee Concerns

TESOL Letters and Statements

Below is a list of statements and letters written or co-signed by TESOL International Association in support of immigration reform efforts such as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

TESOL Continues to Monitor DACA Situation in U.S. (17 July 2020)

TESOL Statement on Withdrawal of Guidance Banning International Students in U.S. (14 July 2020)

TESOL, EnglishUSA, and UCIEP Oppose ICE Guidance on International English Language Program Students for Fall 2020 (8 July 2020)

TESOL Joins Over 800 Organizations in Opposition to Ban on J-1 Visas in the United States (2 July 2020)

TESOL Applauds SCOTUS Decision to Support Dreamers (18 June 2020)

TESOL Statement on Cuts to Education for Detained Migrant Children (7 June 2019)

TESOL Statement Supporting the American Dream and Promise Act (15 May 2019)

TESOL Denounces Decision to End DACA, Calls on U.S. Congress to Act (6 September 2017)

TESOL Joins Over 50 Organizations in Letter Supporting DACA (1 September 2017)

TESOL Approves New Position Statement on Immigration Policy and Reform in the United States (28 August 2017)

TESOL Applauds Newly Introduced 2017 DREAM Act
(4 August 2017)

TESOL Submits Comments on Proposed Changes to Visa Vetting Procedures in U.S.
 (22 May 2017)

TESOL Statement on Second Immigration Executive Order (10 March 2017)

TESOL Statement on Immigration Executive Order (31 January 2017)

TESOL International Association Statement on the Supreme Court's DAPA and DACA Ruling (24 June 2016)

TESOL International Association co-signs amicus brief in support of DACA and DAPA (9 March 2016)

Other Resources

This list of resources will help you ensure that your English learners are treated fairly and equitably. Please share it widely. If you have a resource to add to this list, please contact David Cutler.

Boundless Naturalization Grant Application Information

Messaging for contacting your representatives in Congress about the DREAM Act
Screening Potential DACA Requestors for Other Forms of Relief (American Immigration Council)

Fact Sheet: Immigrant Dreamers and Middle-Skill Jobs (National Skills Coalition) 

Fact Sheet: The Dream Act, DACA, and Other Policies Designed to Protect Dreamers (American Immigration Council)

Family Preparedness Plan (Immigrant Legal Resource Center)

Help for Immigrant Families: Guidance for Schools (Immigrant Legal Resource Center)

The Facts on Immigration Today: 2017 Edition (Center for American Progress)

Legal Assistance: American Civil Liberties Union

Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Guide for Educators and School Support Staff (AFT)

What Do I Say to Students About Immigration Orders? (Teaching Tolerance)

10 Ways to Support Students Facing Immigration Crises (Inside Higher Education)

Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Guide for Educators and School Support Staff (Teaching Tolerance)
Colorin Colorado Guides and Toolkits

Educational Resources for Immigrants, Refugees, Asylees, and other New Americans (U.S. Department of Education)

What You Need to Know About Colleges and the Immigration Ban (Chronicle of Higher Education)

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Toolkit

TESOL Diversity Collaborative Forum: Resources