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Payment Policies and Options

One-year and and renewal memberships may be set up and paid for online. Please contact TESOL Member Services to set up a two-year membership. If you prefer to use the PDF Membership Application, there are several payment options. TESOL accepts most forms of payment in U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. banks.  

  • Membership changes: Renewing members wishing to change membership length (e.g., one-year or two-year)  or membership category must contact member services to request the change.
  • Automatic renewal: Members have the option to sign up for annual automatic renewal via online payment or the PDF form. Automatic renewal may be canceled at any time by contacting TESOL member services.
  • Purchase Orders: TESOL will provide an invoice in response to a purchase order; however, memberships will not be activated until payment is received.
Please contact TESOL Member Services with any questions and requests.

Toll-free (U.S. and Canada): 888.981.0041
 +1 703.518.2501
+1 703.691.5327

Payment Options

Checks/Money Orders

TESOL accepts personal or corporate checks or money orders. You can send your completed form and payment by mail or fax.

Credit Cards

TESOL accepts Visa, MasterCard (including check cards), and American Express. You can send your completed form and payment by mail or fax. You may also call TESOL to provide payment information.

Wire Transfers

To ensure that your membership is processed without delay, please follow these important instructions:

1. Prior to wiring payment: Mail, email, or fax the membership application, renewal notice, or other type of notification and indicate that you are paying by wire transfer. TESOL will match the wire transfer to your membership application.

2. Remitter’s information: Please note the purpose of payment (e.g., membership dues, affiliate dues), name of new or renewing member, and/or institution or company. This step is important to ensure proper crediting.

3. Be sure to pay all bank handling fees. If you have any questions about wire transfers, please contact at or +1 703.518.2501.

TESOL Mailing Address

TESOL International Association
1925 Ballenger Avenue, Suite 550
Alexandria, VA 22314-6820

Fax: +1 703.691.5327