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Institutional Professional Development Bundles

TESOL understands that numerous factors affect your professional development budget. That’s why TESOL offers professional development bundles. The various bundles provide you with the flexibility to choose what you need for your English language teachers. These bundles are available to
  • individual schools
  • ministries of education
  • school districts
  • local governments


Each bundle includes access to TESOL’s Resource Center, and Virtual Seminars.

All programs are available to institutional staff (based on the number included with your bundle). Eligible staff are not required to be TESOL members, but they must be on your TESOL roster.

Space is limited for many TESOL courses and programs. Participants might be required to fulfill program prerequisites before registering. Check registration deadlines, plan ahead, and register early. Many programs sell out.

How to Subscribe

Subscribe online or contact TESOL Member Services to subscribe and make payment. If you subscribe online you will hear from TESOL member services to complete the process.

For questions or to request the benefits of your Institutional Bundle, please contact Nancy Flores.

Bundle A

Cost: US$1,925

Bundle B

Cost: US$3,330


Bundle C

Cost: US$6,100

Value: US$11,700





12 Memberships

Professional Memberships


4 Registrations

7 Registrations

  • TESOL Advocacy & Policy Summit (available in June 2023)

2 Registrations

3 Registrations

5 Registrations

Facilitated Courses:

Self-Study Courses (available any time):

1 Registration


4 Registrations

1 Registration

2 Registrations

4 Registrations

TESOL International Convention, 21-24 March or 3-4 April 2023.

6 Books

9 Books

12 Books

Books from TESOL Press

10 Additional staff access to the following programs

25 Additional staff access to the following programs

45 Additional staff access to the following programs