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Membership Professional Council


The Membership Professional Council (MPC) assists TESOL International Association in recruiting and engaging members of the Association worldwide. The MPC works in conjunction with the Staff Partner and Board Liaison to advance the goals of the Association’s Strategic Plan and to foster a satisfying member experience. 

Terms of Service

Members are appointed by the Executive Committee through an application process. Once appointed, Professional Council members make a two-year commitment to serve, renewable once. Appointments shall be made on a staggered rotation so that half of the members of the Council shall rotate on and off at the start of each year.

Each year, a Chair-elect shall be nominated by the Executive Director though an application process, with final approval by the Executive Committee. Only those serving in their second year on the Professional Council at the time of the application process are eligible to apply. Once appointed, the designee shall serve for one year as chair-elect followed by one year as chair and then one year as past chair before rotating off the council. 

The MPC shall consist of 10-12 members, plus a Staff Partner and Board Liaison. The MPC shall ensure adequate membership to carry out its duties and responsibilities as specified below.

Membership Criteria

Interested applicants shall have been TESOL members for at least one year and shall be asked to list their level of education, experience, understanding of member needs and interests, and how they are qualified to contribute to the MPC in meeting its goals and objectives. MPC members should have general knowledge of TESOL’s membership structure, programs, and benefits. The Council membership shall reflect the widest possible range of professional expertise and experience, with special attention paid to diverse linguistic, geographical, cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, generational, and other types of representation.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Membership Professional Council shall advise the Board of Directors and work with the Staff Partner and Board Liaison to: 
  • Organize, pilot, and manage a New Member Mentor Program.
  • Support and participate in the event(s) and/or session(s) for first-time attendees to the annual convention.
  • Communicate opportunities that arise for possible partnerships by reaching out to affiliates, CoPs, and other educational institutions that may increase membership and engagement with the Association.
  • Provide support and give input/feedback to staff-led efforts such as reviews of TESOL’s membership model and benefits, plans for TESOL recruitment and retention campaigns, and surveys about member satisfaction and engagement.
  • Recommend specific programs and activities that will enhance the member experience. 

Members, 2022-2023

Chair: Chelsea Walter
Monica Baker
Past Chair
: Anastasia Khawaja
Board Liaison: Tamara Jones
Staff Partner: Juliet Mason


James Coda
Mary Hillis
Jane Hoelker
Nafisa Khudoynazarova
Shuzhan Li
Rebecca Miskell
Klara Nazmutdinova
Harisimran Sandhu