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Affiliate Network Professional Council


The Affiliate Network Professional Council (ANPC) supports TESOL International Association by helping to ensure a strong and robust Affiliate Network. The ANPC accomplishes this by advising on initiatives and activities that advance the association’s strategic direction through the Affiliate Network, helping to shape facets of the Affiliate Network, and facilitating clear and timely communication between and among affiliate associations and the Board of Directors of TESOL International Association. 

Terms of Service

The ANPC shall consist of up to 10 members, plus a staff partner and board liaison. 

Members are appointed by the TESOL Executive Committee through an application process, with advice from the leadership of the current ANPC. The application solicits information regarding education and professional training, relevant experience, and potential contributions to the Professional Council with reference to the Professional Council’s goals and objectives. The Executive Committee ensures adequate membership to enable to the ANPC to carry out its duties and responsibilities. Once appointed, professional council members make a one-year commitment to serve. They may seek to renew their commitment annually, for up to three years of service. 

Each year, an incoming chair shall be nominated by the TESOL Executive Director though an application process from within the ANPC, with final approval by the Executive Committee. Only those serving on the Professional Council at the time of the application process are eligible to apply. Once appointed, the designee shall serve for one year as chair-elect followed by one year as chair and then one year as past chair before rotating off the council.  

Membership Criteria 

Interested applicants shall be asked to list their level of education, experience, and how they are qualified to contribute to the ANPC in meeting its goals and objectives, including recent demonstrable leadership experience with a TESOL affiliate. ANPC members should have knowledge and experience of TESOL International Association and its affiliate associations, the relationship between TESOL and its affiliate associations, and the strategic direction of the association. The council membership shall reflect the widest possible range of professional expertise and experience, with special attention paid to diverse geographical, cultural, and generational representation. 

Responsibilities and Duties

The ANPC will collaborate with staff to facilitate activities that support the Affiliate Network. This includes, but is not limited to, advising on programmatic elements, facilitating procedures for activities within the Affiliate Network, developing a collaborative partnership between TESOL International Association and its affiliate associations, and enhancing and fostering communication among affiliate associations. It will also provide oversight and advice for projects pursued as part of this partnership.

The ANPC shall:

  • Assist with procedural elements to develop and maintain the Affiliate Network
  • Review and revise additional criteria for joining and remaining in the Affiliate Network as needed
  • Facilitate methods to collect, share, and disseminate information and knowledge on emerging professional issues through the Affiliate Network
  • Advise on issues and matters that arise relating to the Affiliate Network
  • Facilitate communication between and among TESOL International Association and affiliate associations
  • Support networking and professional development events for leaders within the Affiliate Network
  • Support, facilitate, and advise on collaborations with affiliate associations

Members, 2022–2023

Chair: Linh Phung
Chair-Elect: Jermaine McDougald
Past Chair: 
Bessie Karras-Lazaris
Board Liaison: Shelley Taylor
Staff Partner: Valerie Novick

Marwan Abdi
Marianela Ayub
Hanaa Khamis
Karen Newman
Catherine Njau
Jorge Torres Almazan
Sarah Warfield